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Corey Jones discusses the LED Neon Flex by Magic Lite. It is a functional, flexible option to highlight architectural and design elements while adding colour and vibrancy to building exteriors.

Kirby Bechtold provides a brief overview of the Lumark RPGC Round Parking Garage and Canopy luminaire by Cooper Lighting Solutions.

Shree Kulkarni walks you through the Lutron Fabrics website, which allows customers to choose from a myriad of design materials for their shades, to create a shading solution that complements their living space.

Corey Jones gives a demonstration of the Sunnata Touch Dimmer by Lutron, the superior dimming option for LEDs, incandescent and halogens.

In this first video of “A Minute With K2,” Kirby Bechtold provides a brief summary of the UHB LED High Bay by Cooper Industries.

In this video, Shree Kulkarni walks you through the new Lutron Luxury website, as well as a few of their shade offerings.

In this video, Corey Jones will walk you through the process of setting up an account for Lutron LCI, as well as how to navigate the website and register for various courses.

In this product overview video, Shree Kulkarni discusses the InDepth LED Series by Cooper Lighting Solutions, which is designed to create architectural ceiling topography with regressed and drop lens options. InDepth provides unparalleled design flexibility and versatility by providing sevens lens options.