Our History

At one time or another, you can wake up and realize that things need to change, but that realization is meaningless until you take action and accept that pushing through new challenges is what makes you grow. If people want to succeed in an industry and become the revolutionaries, instead of becoming the piper that plays the same old tune, then you must first become comfortable by being uncomfortable, and gaining confidence through being uncertain.

In 2003, Kirby Kotylak accepted this realization and considered it as a call-to-action by utilizing over 15 years of industry experience, and in the process, founding Electra Sales Ltd. It was founded on the principle of being an electrical agency committed to creating the next standard in customer service; transferring their knowledge to others and collaborating with other experts in the industry.

As technology continues to flourish and evolve, Electra Sales will ensure their staff is fully trained to best serve you, our customer. We are dedicated to maintaining proactive collaboration and an open-minded work environment; embracing change to deliver innovative, high-quality, and high performance solutions for every client. At Electra Sales, we have assembled an experienced and professional sales (and support) team to represent the most innovative manufacturers, and provide the electrical community with outstanding service and support.

Even as the industry ebbs and flows,  Kirby continues to build a team of skilled and resolute individuals who want to help make a difference in the electrical industry. He believes in the roots of his company, and therefore, he does his best to ensure that his staff is treated like family; providing them with the resources and tools they need to succeed. From our founders, to our sales force, to our customer service, to our project management and quotations teams, ESL recognizes that every member of our team is essential to the success of our customers and the entirety of our workforce.

You can trust Electra Sales’s global experience, technological expertise and their competent team to build value, and minimize the risk of your next project. Whether it’s lighting, controls, shading, commercial, residential or an industrial project, ESL is here to ensure your experience with us is satisfactory.