Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital
With Saskatchewan as one of only two provinces in Canada without a dedicated children’s hospital, it didn’t take long to realize that children and families needed more. They deserved a special “family-centred” space of their own, with leading-edge research, specialized equipment and programs. In 2009, the Government of Saskatchewan committed $200 million for the new provincial Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital
The Project

The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is located on the University of Saskatchewan campus and is connected via a corridor to the Royal University Hospital

While half of the total population lives in Saskatoon, where the project is co-located with the Royal University Hospital campus, many indigenous groups inhabit the northern half of the province. Given that these remote communities must travel long distances to receive care and yet they make up a large segment of the hospital’s patient population, it was critical to solicit their input on the building’s design.


The Architect

ZGF | Vancouver

Part of what draws us to design is our deep desire to effect positive change. Three core principles drive ZGF’s work: making a difference in people’s lives, fighting climate change, and advancing social justice.

Through design, we strive to create places that enable diverse and equitable communities. We support a world that is just, guided by open and intelligent discourse, mutual understanding, and respect for all people. Now more than ever, we seek not only to uphold our values, but we’re redoubling our commitment to them as we face a new generation of challenges.

We keep equity and inclusion at the forefront of our design process, engaging diverse voices and partnerships. We are as proud of our internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives as our external outreach.

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The Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer

WSP helps clients maintain secure and reliable power supplies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy schemes to help our cities transition to a more sustainable world.

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The Contractor

Alliance Energy | Saskatoon

Alliance Energy is a full service electrical contractor serving commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. Our scope of work includes all types and sizes of electrical projects. From hospitals, to shopping malls, to massive mining projects — our vast expertise continues to grow and expand. Our list of projects will attest to that. Each project, large or small, is treated with the same care and attention to detail. We offer quality workmanship, dependability, expertise and professionalism.

The ability to provide a full complement of services has established Alliance Energy as one of the largest, most respected electrical contractors in Saskatchewan. Our position in the market is driven by our local and regional reputation in the industry and expertise in the field.  We meet challenges directly with our capacity of superior systems, innovative thinking and ability to adapt.  We have evolved with the changing demands in construction and revitalization of the infrastructure in the province.

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